Evolution of mobile phones introduction:
We are in 21st century and we know that day by day we invented different of invention in every field and it’s make easy to use in daily life, today we are talking about “Mobile Phone” Mobile phone is an electronic gadgets which having lot s of features and now we all know how its help in daily life to connect with friend and family or world connectivity with the help of Internet.

Evolution of mobile phones
Evolution of mobile phones

First Cell Phone:

We all know the world first cell phone was launched in 3rd of April 1973, Respective Martin Cooper was a senior Engineer of Motorola a telecommunication he informed he was speaking via a mobile phone, that time the mobile phone weight was 1.1Kg, Mobile phone is also known as cell phone so don’t confused with it, First cell phone was launched by the company Motorola Dyna TAC 800x, and that time it was very costly, on that time it was limited and not for the everyone.

Generation of mobile phone:

1. First generation of mobile phone (1G):

In the first generation the network was reliant upon analog system; it means the uses only make phone call in this generation their no option to send/Receive SMS. The first generation was first introduced in japan in 1979.

2.  Second Generation of mobile phone (2G):

In the first generation (1G) We use to make call only it was not perfect but it was used until remained until 1991, it was replaced in the year 1991 with Second generation mobile phone (2G), in this generation we was reliant upon digital system;  in this generation user can use option to send SMS/MMS over a network. And the GPRS was introduced in 1997 in this technology user could receive and send the email on the move.

3.   Third Generation of mobile Phone (3G):

We are still using the third generation mobile phone (3G) , Now we are in year-2020 and the technology improved and generation introduced with fifth generation (5G) in some country but in India we have fourth generation (4G) , In 3G technology this time a revolutionized mobile connectivity and we know the capability of cell phone or mobile phone, as compare to 1G and 2G, 3G was much faster and the internet was too fast and the data transfer rate was very fast.
In this generation 3G user have many of features they can make video call, share files, online play TV, internet surfing and other options.

4.       Fourth Generation of mobile phone (4G):

The Fourth generation is five times faster than the third generation (3G Network), this network provide internet speed up to 100Mbps, we know the features of 4G there we get maximum speed of internet and lots of features users can experience better latency with less buffering, high voice call quality over this network, easy to access and instant messaging service and easy to connect with social media.

5.  Fifth Generation of Mobile phone (5G):

The fifth generation of mobile phone (5G) we will experience better than the other generation (4G/3G), as per the expert of telecom we daily seen the experts updates over the 5G, we will see the updates  over 5G technology in future.

Now we know many of Cell phone/Mobile Phone Company in market and lots of series of mobile phone with different types of model and with many more specifications according to the prices and features of mobile phone, Now the mobile phone price started with from (500 INR) and the phone features available as per the price value,


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