"How to motivate yourself"

motivate yourself
motivate yourself

We always think about our future and search the way to make it better, I always feel if someone be with me to motivate and encourage me which I feel sad or depressed by some negativity but it’s not possible so I just became that person for myself.

I am sharing some my experience which make you motivated it’s help you to find the right way for your motivation. Don’t forget “Nothing is impossible in your life if you want to do than you can do at any cost” it’s always motivating you in every situation.

motivate yourself
motivate yourself

(1). Don’t be negative:

Always think positive in your life because each and everything have two sides and we have to choose the right side for your plan and where you want to implement it, this is the way to think positive which make you positive in your life (if someone suggest us any idea and plan which related to the work, it’s not  necessary to take decision on same time we always negative that time so don’t make your decision fast first you need to think about it than decide it’s workable or not).

(2). Learn from your failure: 

we did so many mistakes in our life and we know our failure is the best teacher of our life so learn from it.
  • Be motivated and learn with new energy when you get fail in your life, because this attitude makes you stronger and successful life.
  • We know that mistake make man perfect.
  • Always try to make your own path when you solving and making your idea think it’s with different-different way to implement.

(3). Motivates from other peoples:

when we discuss in a group so catch the positive vibes which helps you to motivate you and help to make stronger for life.

motivate yourself
motivate yourself

(4). Read Book:

Reader is always a leader, make a habit to read novel, motivation quotes, it’s create positive vibes and motivate yourself.

(5). Do some social work:

Always try to do some social activity in your community it’s always free your load and stress and make you happy for  your work with the help of social work you will earn community respect day by day.

(6). Play your favorite song:

It a simplest things I do when I feel low in energy or motivation is to play music with high bit and its inspire me some way to out of the stress.

(  (7). Compare with yourself:

Always compare yourself with yourself it’s the way; you can find the status of yourself how much you grow and what to new implementation required in your life.

(8). Don’t Compare with others:

Always follow the point number seven, always compare with yourself, when you compare with other you feel depressed so don’t Compare with others.

(9). Always remind your task:

Be focused with your task which helps you to remind your goal, When you are feeling unmotivated and low in energy it’s easy to lose sights of why you are doing something, so take two minutes deep breath and write down your top three reasons for doing this work like getting education, saving some money and preparation for the job, Put your notes where you can see many of time, it’s help you to remind your focus.

(10). Workout-Exercise:

Workout doesn’t just affect your body. I find that 30 - 40 minutes of lifting weights release inner tension and stress and make you more focused and energetic.