What is Creativity?

"Creativity" is just to create, it's just like a symbol to do something diffrent which is just like dreams or imagination and when it's happend in your life  it's like a meracle, in between the time when you dreaming or imegination the idea only and only one things in your mind that is called planning and you are continusly thinking abuot it.

What is creativity
What is creativity

Importance of creativity: 

if you know the importance of creativity, by the help of creativity you can create anythings which youwant to creat and show your creativity skills to the world and you can prove your self.
Example of creativity: Anythng if you creat by your own afforts that means you are creative.

  • If you a science student you are working on any porject and you invent or create any ides to complite any task or work in less afforts it means you area creative.
  • If you are solving a puzzles it means you have creativity to sole it.
  • If you are a designer you can design with your own creativity.

Importance of Creativity?

As we know the human mentality, we are too crazy about anything which we likes & we always try to get it soon and share with our friends,family,collegues and everyone, creativity is very imporatant it help to know better our self and its a key to unlock our thinking if we know what is important and how to be important, if we know our tallent than we what to do in life and whre to make carrier, we will able to provide direction to our life and know the importance of creativity.

“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” ― Steven Pressfield

Creativity planning?

 First of all we have to decide what we are going to create & after that make a Blueprint of your plan- If you are a programmer you will think about codes and programming, if you are a businessman so you think about the customer likes dislikes, how to create it's advertisement and which types of product launch in market and if you are a fresher than you have so many option to think and make it true, so as per your creative Idea/Plan check the all required material/Equipments/Products/Codes/Circuit etc. after that according to the blueprint we will process for it step by step.

Steps: Divide the work in time slots, if you are working with team members than it's definitely a big project so plan as a team and works are directly or indirectly proportional to each others, so the work responsibility are also equal for all teams,

Don't: Don't stop and break your rules which you formed at the time you start thinking about your Idea/Plan becous 99% people drop his Idea/Plan in between ten days and when they fail once, this is the biggest failure in your life.

Do: Always be positive for your Idea/Plan becouse of it you always motiveted and excited, team motivation will reminds whats yours plan and how the team doing, its just like a memory which you creacte without any direction or planning. 

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