What is Social Networking?

Social networking is use with the help of internet based sites, first we discuss about types of social networking sites: facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, Instagram, OLX, LinkedIn, among others. With the help of social network site to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, customers, clients and worldwide connectivity with the help of social network sites.

What is Social Networking
Social Network

A social networking (also social site or social media) is an online platform which helps to create a social friend circle or social relationship with other peoples.

What is the use of Social Networking?

Now a day Social networking are the base of marketers seeking to engage the customers, most of business are operated over social networking and by the use of social networking we can permute and product and we advertise the product in local market as well as nation market, we can sell and purchase over the website by online marketing.

Types of Social Networking (List of Sovial Netwrking Sites):

We have more than 60+ Social networking sites which help you to connect with your friends and family and you can easly creat your friend circule by the using of these networking sites,

SL.No. Social Networking Sites/ Application 

2 Whatsapp
3 QQ
4 WeChat
5 Qzone
6 Tumblr
7 Instagram
8 Twitter
9 Google+
10 Bindu Tieba
11 Skype
12 Viber
13 Sina Weibo
14 Line
15 Snapchat
16 YY.com
17 Vkontakte (VK)
18 Pintrest
19 Linkedin
20 Telegram
21 Reddit
22 Taringa
23 Foursquare
24 Renren
25 Tagged
26 Badoo
27 Myspace
28 Stumble Upon
29 The Dots
30 Kiwibox
31 Skyrock
32 Delicious
33 snapfish
34 Reverb Nation
35 Flixster
36 Care2
37 CafeMom
38 Ravelry
39 Nextdoor
40 Wayn
41 Cellufun
42 You Tube
43 Vine
44 Classmates
45 Myheritage
46 Viadeo
47 Xing
48 Xanga
49 LiveJournal
50 Friendster
51 Funny or Die
52 Gaia Online
53 We Heart It
54 Buzznet
55 DeviantArt
56 Flickr
57 Meetme
58 Meetup
59 Tout
60 Mixi
61 Douban
62 Vero
63 Quoura
64 Spreely
65 Discord
66 TikTok

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