Workout for fitness With Best Exercises for a Full-Body Workout:

Workout is the way to maintain your full body and it’s provide stress free mind, if you are doing daily workout it means you are caring yourself, workout is not only for those people who are sports-man it’s a way to live healthy.

Workout for fitness
Workout for fitness

Workout is the way to maintain your body and it will happened by daily workout routine, any things in your life is not impossible if you decide to do than definitely you will achieve your target at any cost.

Many of people think about body fitness but they feel in morning will start by tomorrow and they waist that day with an excuse and miss the chance to make a healthy and energetic day, if you are in the same category so please change your routine start workout from today, for healthy and fitness life which help you to motivate your mind and it’s also help to improve your thinking power.

Make a routine for workout:

If you are a student so you can workout two times (Morning and evening) in a day it can create a positive vibes to your brain to improve your meditation, and from this age (Student life) it’s help you to stress free to you and you can easily concentrate in your study, (Minimum one hours workout required in a day).

If you are in working (Doing Job) so its depends on your office time but I will suggest you to do workout in morning it’s help you to make you day happier and energetic after that if you free in evening than you can use your time in gym 20-30minutes, by the evening workout its help to sleep well without any type of laziness and unlock your dead neurons and create a positive layer, (Minimum one hours workout required in a day).

The Best Full Body Workout (gym workouts):

Full body workout 1:
Barbell Bench Press is the first exercise and is going to be your main chest exercise with this workout. By the help of this exercise your upper body workout which helps to build size and strength which is specifically for chest, shoulders and triceps, going to be responsible for contributing to most of your chest’s size and thickness overtime.

Workout for fitness
Workout for fitness

Is Bench Press enough for chest:

The flat Bench Press it preform very effective for the developing your pecs their so many exercise to strengthen your chest but with the chest press with either Bench Press will be more effective. 

Full body workout 2: 

Next, we’re going to move for the Barbell Back Squat it is for  lower body exercise before proceeding onto the next upper body movement. This just helps to optimize our recovery the lower body exercise and its performance with each exercise throughout your full body workout.

The barbell back squat is the exercise However, it will also heavily involve the gluts and various other lower body muscles to perform their flexibility to make it better. 

Workout for fitness
Workout for fitness

When you performing this exercise you will feel the tension in the muscles highlighted below as you perform the exercise. And it wills same with the compound movement you want to utilize a full range of motion to maximize growths will performs.

Full body workout 3: 

After exercise 1 and 2 we will move for the next step pull ups, Pull-ups are going to be the next upper body exercise and it is mainly for the back exercise with this workout.

Workout for fitness
Workout for fitness

The main body muscle worked will be the lats. And once you are able to work-out successfully complete around 10-12 weight pull-ups, than you will want to then progress it day by day. You can do it very slowly loading it with weight using a weight belt or need to hold a dumbbell between your feet. Do it with the help of fitness trainer.

Full body workout 4:

Now the next is Lying Dumbbell Hamstring Curls, again we are going back to the lower body muscles exercise; in this we are going to be using lying leg curls.

Workout for fitness
Workout for fitness

I will suggest to trying out this variation with a dumbbell held between your feet as it helps ensure that you are controlling the weight throughout each of rep. as in this exercise will only mainly target the hamstrings.

Full body workout 5:

It is the last major compound movement of this workout it will be the standing barbell overhead press exercise, in this shoulder exercise is essential when it comes to upper body development and strength. Although their full body is involved, the main muscles at play here will be the anterior deltoids, triceps, and the serrates anterior:

Workout for fitness
Workout for fitness

As for the reasoning for this exercise, it has been shown in studies like this one by Behrens and Buskins to be the best exercise for the anterior deltoid.

Fitness Tips:

It’s for everyone men, women, children, if you ask and doing  over it millions of article and so many tips for fitness, but the tips only help on the time when you implements in your daily life, so start it from today without any delay, I am providing some tips.

  1. Do exercise at list one hour in a day.
  2. Control on your diet, it means eat the right food and potion each meal.
  3. Be stay away from sweet.
  4. Track your calories.
  5. Stay motivated.
  6. Always maintain your BMI (Body mass index)
If you follow it you will always fit and health and you know it.

 "Health is Wealth"


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