What is Technology? – Definitions of Technology 

Technology Definition 1:
By the help of skillsmethods, and processes if we fulfil the goals or any works, so it can be a technology, in a simple way we can say that People can use technology to produce goods or services to fulfil the requirements.

What is Technology

What is Technology

Technology Definition 2:
Technology is a scientific knowledge which have a purpose or application where to use and the application of the technology defined whether it will use in daily life or in industry, whenever we use our scientific knowledge to archive some specific purpose, we are using technology, it can be anything like a computer, calculator, mobile phone, bike, car and it will be anything, and we know every given example have different application and different work and it’s help to solve the complexity.

Technology Definition 3:

The most simple form of technology, to develop any things like machine gadgets, bike, car, computer, fan, medical equipment’s, drawing, design, and any things which we are using in daily life and we are now bounded with the technology and the every technology are different and they work for different work and by the help of technology we get lots of responsive effects.

What is Technology

Technology in Everyday Life:

Let's consider some examples of how technology is integral to our daily life and we all are bounded and depends on technologies. When we get up in the morning, we probably get out of a bed and bed is also designed with the help of technology and the synthetic materials of the mattress upon which we were sleeping daily, and the springs underneath, are both examples of technology.
If it's still early, you might turn on the light first (Electric switch and electric bulb) it’s also a part of technology and the power them are also technology. After that, when we brush our teeth, the system that brings us water to the sink, the bathroom fan, the toothbrush/ toothpaste - and the toilet, for that matter are technology.
We are linking many millions of people, so we probably turn on the mobile phone/computer or laptop pretty quickly after waking, these are the one of the most advanced pieces of technology we have ever come up with as humans, and the processes of making these gadgets like- mobile phone/computer or laptop parts are all also technology.
It would be impossible to list every single example of technology in our daily lives. Whether it's practical (like washing machines, bike, refrigerators, cars, flooring materials, Air conditioner, train, aeroplane, windows, or door handles) or for leisure (like mp3 player, projector, Blu-ray players, games consoles, reclining chairs, or toys), all these things are examples of technology.

Classification of Technology:
Technology is mainly classified in to two category first is Soft Technology and the second is Hard Technology, now it’s very simple to know about the Technology:

Soft Technology: In this category there we know many of application and equipment’s which we use continuously in daily life which we use very friendly like: Computer, laptop, mobile-phone, mp3 player, TV and so many more these are the part of soft technology.

What is Technology
What is Technology

Hard Technology: In the hard technology, it can be defined as we use hard technology to make things easier and faster, by reducing the number of choices for the users, mechanical, electrical, energy power, manufacturing and so many more sectors’ there we use machine and hardware that can be operated over a soft technology and manual ways and run over an electrical power this is the part of hard technology.
Types of Technology:
We know that the technology, it can be simple to use and complex to use, there are so many types of technology and we use it on different way,

1.    Mechanical Technology
2.    Communication Technology
3.    Information Technology
4.    Artificial Intelligence
5.    Medical Technology
6.    Energy Power technology
7.    Bio Technology
8.    Agriculture Technology
9.    Construction Technology
10.  Manufacturing Technology and many more…